Our Story

Making learning more effective with active participation for multilingual audience.

Mission & Vision -
Missione e visione

Italy is a beautiful place to live and work, that’s why millions of people from around the world are living here and many more are expected to reach here soon. There are some critical skill which need to master as soon as soon as possible to enjoy your pesence in Italy. In this website we’ll make sure to provide those skills with and affordable price and best possible quality of the service.

Things that make us proud

Global Audience
Pubblico globale

Though we are offering courses which are essential to live and work in Italy but our courses are available to anyone interested to come in Italy from anywhere in the world.

Inclusive Communication
Comunicazione inclusiva

We have made sure that to share information in a way that everybody can understand. It means that we recognise that people understand and express themselves in different ways.


Our courses are available in variety of languages. The learning content is produced and translated by professional to satisfy customers in their own language.

Open for improvements
Aperto per miglioramenti

We strongly believe in continuous improvements. Any body can suggest it and we openly evaluate and make an effort to satisfy your demand with the best of our effort.